Family Owned Businesses

Giving families the tools to build unity, growth and continuity

Family Owned Business

A FAMILY ENTERPRISE may be an operating company, family office, or family-managed philanthropic effort that provides professional, emotional and/or financial enrichment to the family members.


Family enterprises facing indecision or internal conflict rely on the broad and globally tested expertise of BeOne to create and implement solutions that address their unique challenges and opportunities.

Our solutions for family enterprises center on alignment of all aspects of the family and business, including culture, vision, mission, values, governance, ownership, leadership, communication and policy development. This alignment eliminates conflict that undermines success and clears the way for stronger competitive advantage, enhanced family harmony, and greater likelihood of long-term enterprise continuity.

We take a holistic approach to a wide variety of activities including proactive family education, family councils, board development, family meeting facilitation, conflict management and resolution, financial and business strategy, succession planning, management and leadership development and more.

Here is what we do:


Stronger Family Ties for a Stronger Family Enterprise

We help families achieve proactive dialogue around the family and business questions that, when managed or resolved, can help them move forward.


Building Structures For The Success Of Future Generations

We help design a custom plan that aligns with the family’s values, builds a strong foundation for future business success, prepares successors for increased leadership and ownership responsibilities, and creates a seamless transition to the next generation and beyond. 


Leading Is About Creating

We provide a variety of services and support to help these leaders hone their leadership capabilities as well as balance the shifting and sometimes conflicting needs of the business and the family.


Developing Family Business Policies

Policies can answer challenging questions like:

​Eligibility of members to work in business, their compensation, termination, management decision making, composition of the board, ​disclosure of financial information​, treatment of spouses and extended family, philanthropy, and ownership of shares.

To learn more about our team, our history, and our solutions, contact us to speak with a member of our staff.

Generational Success

Critical factors for success in family owned businesses.