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10 Tactics for 10X Marketing

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

So you want to gain Marketing advantage on your competitors? Sure. However, what is it that you're different from your competitors to gain this leverage? Let's see what happens in each of the major aspects of marketing. Let's examine the traditional approach and then what is the potential 10X approach and then, you can look at some more tips in the graphic.


Traditional approach - The traditional approach comes from the arrogant place where we assume that we understand our market.

10X approach - The 10X approach is focussed on making the market feel like they are understood. We need to answer concerns that are always present in their mind. For that you need to ask them what bothers them, and you need to be at their service by answering their questions.


Traditional approach - This is about using all channels for maximized impact.

10X Approach - This is about identifying who you want to target and then not wasting your time on the other channels. If you're looking at professionals, Facebook isn't your place. If you're looking at students, LinkedIn might not be.


Traditional approach: Are you predicting behaviors based on long existent patterns?

10X approach - Instead, identify a solution that makes the current patterns seem like a crisis and inspires people to change them.


Traditional approach - Are you being a people - pleaser who makes people feel special.

10X approach - Instead, how about you make people see a fallacy that everyone else misguided them on? Then solve it. Make the problem evident and yourself the only solution?


Traditional approach - It talks about willingness to fail.

10X approach - Instead, test, build, test again, build again. Rinse. Repeat. Keep doing it so many times that your marketing campaign is reduced to a success system that works. Every single time.

So, which of these tactics are you going to use?

10 Tactics for 10X marketing

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