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  1. Shareholder Centric Vision: Corporate vision and mission don't inspire people; people don't know where the organisation is going and what it is trying to achieve in the future. The vision is too entered around shareholder’s wealth, and that usually doesn’t inspire people.

  2. Leadership Lack Entrepreneurial Spirit: Fear of change; leaders lack entrepreneurial spirit; leadership style on the part of management is either too directive or too hands-off.

  3. Clout Over Culture: no shared values; lack of trust; blame culture; focus on problems, not opportunities; diversity is not celebrated; failures are not tolerated.

  4. High Bureaucracy: bureaucratic organisational structures with too many layers; high boundaries between management layers; slow decision making.

  5. People Work Defensively, Not Creatively: poor motivation and encouragement; people do not feel their contributions make a difference; people work defensively and not creatively.

  6. Corner Office Decision Making Rules: people have no clue of the big; too much uncertainty; people don't know what top-managers are thinking and planning. Most decisions are central and belong to one office.

  7. Poor Cross-functional Collaboration: functional mindset; lack of cross-functional goals and cross-functional collaboration spirit; functional, no enterprise-wide business process management; no cross-functional management committees; lack of or powerless cross-functional teams.

  8. Individual Fiefdoms: poor team work; no organizational commitment to team culture; lack of shared and worthwhile goals; weak team leaders; team members who don't want to play as part of a team are tolerated; teams are too large; lack of shared rewards.

  9. Poor Knowledge Management: cross-pollination of ideas is not facilitated; no idea management and knowledge management strategies and systems; "know-it-all" attitude; "not invented here" syndrome.