• Snehal

Collaborate to get ahead

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Predator or prey, nature has it all figured out, life exists in harmony and collaborates beautifully with the rest of life. It’s perfectly synchronised.

Humans! Well that's another story, isn’t it? It’s almost as if we are making every effort to be against the principles of nature itself. It takes a lot of effort and energy for us to coexist and even then we barely manage. Nature is effortless. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s happy. It’s all the things we want in our lives, yet we go against the tide.

Here’s how we do this.

We Don’t Know How To Listen: We no longer pay attention to what’s being said, or are aware of what’s not being said. We’ve lost appreciation and respect. We fail to understand what people care about; what concerns them. So we remain devoid of new possibilities and learning. Is there any collaboration even remotely possible without paying attention to the other?

We Don’t Observe: We are unable to get out of our own heads, pause and pay attention, and see things not the way ‘it suits me’ but for the way they really are.

We Don’t Relate: To relate means to be one with the other. That says it all. Where is our empathy, connect and passion for the other? We remain so engrossed within our own selves and for our own selves that being in nature or with nature is now a mere fantasy.

We Don’t Persevere: We give up too quickly, we assume that collaboration means consensus and it takes time to get everyone on board. So we get impatient, frustrated and just end up alone and feeling lonely. If it takes time, so be it - eventually it pays to invest time.

We Don’t Trust: There could be lack of trust within teams, society, countries, relationships, you may not trust your own skills and competencies, and there are occasions where trust has been broken. We are so guarded in our mistrust for everything man made that we are no longer prepared to be vulnerable and flawed. No trust? So what? Tear it down and build it again.

We settle for a Compromise? Compromise is a no brainer. We are fed this notion that compromise is good, that it’s important to compromise in relationships, in marriages, at work and the list is endless. Please see through a simple fact – compromise is not a solution, it’s a compromise. Not surprising that anyone who has ever compromised is left feeling like they’ve got the short end of the stick. Compromise is a lazy short sighted approach. Compromise doesn’t enable us to explore new options and solutions, because you get stuck in the middle ground of what is already known and never go beyond.

‘I’ am the Center of My Life: What’s in it for me? As long as there is only I, me & myself in the equation, how is collaboration even possible? You don’t have to have one-upmanship on everybody; you may have the best ideas in the room but it won’t translate into anything if you are only eager to push yourself forward.

We Have Lost All Sensitivity: Being supportive and sensitive to each other is almost alien in the modern day world. Today being sensitive means a poke and a like on social media. What a joke! We are conditioned to compete. And guess what, competition is fundamentally against nature. It’s almost the opposite of collaboration.

We’ve turned collaboration into a challenge, into a problem and make it out to be such a complicated process; we have even made it out to be something to gain from. How sad is that?

It doesn’t matter how you choose to define it, when you get to the root of it and what it simply is, it’s nothing but being sensitive. Collaboration is to come together and create something new and wonderful.

That’s all it really is.