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Developing a fresh approach to life

Out and about, the recipe for a fresh perspective and everyday creativity is simple.

Experience something new.

Try doing something new.

Learn something new.

Meet someone new.

Find a problem to solve, a purpose to fulfil. Then solve it in a way that hasn't been done before.

The real question however is – What goes deeper than this newness? Why are people unable to explore their creativity?

Why are people unable to bring out their genius for years? What is it that slows them down? What can they change in their environments in order to solve problems, get things done, get out of their limbo?

Our response, look at your environments! You have beliefs about yourself, about your past, about your relationships, and about so many other things. These beliefs may have given you results in past, but now they hold you back. Here are the top 3 key examples:

1. What are your beliefs about yourself? Do you think everyone can be creative? Do you think you can't be creative? Do you think you can write well only at a certain time, in a certain mood, with a certain colour of pencils, or whatever it is that catches your fancy? Do you think, you can only paint in a certain medium, and not in others? Do you feel you can only lead a certain way, and not in any other way?

Well, think again. See which of these beliefs you can do away with. Which of these things or whims and fancies is nothing but your excuses? Most likely all of them.

Look within, examine your self-beliefs, your beliefs about creativity, life, learning new things. You look at them and deconstruct them, and there will be insights that you may never have seen before.

2. Every time you set out to do new things, what comes to your mind? What memories flood you? That time when you wanted to sing on the stage and were gripped by fear? Or maybe that when you drew a flower and showed it to the teacher hoping she will pat your back. Instead, she pointed out 50 mistakes in it?

After you have relived these memories, pick up a plain sheet of paper, and a pencil, and try to draw something. Something, literally. It can be anything.

Next step - Think of a cherished memory now. A memory of early childhood when you were applauded for doing something really nice. Draw again. Compare.

Our Insight - You cannot change your memories and your experiences in past. But once you see the difference it makes to your creativity; you will know what to do with your memories.

3. Examine your relationships. Who are you biggest cheerleaders, who are your best friends? How many creative people can you think of, in your life, right now, off the cuff?

That should tell you who to keep close, who to keep closer, and which relationships you might want to let go of. This should also tell you what kind of new friendships, acquaintances, network you need to form in order to ignite the spark of creativity.

We could name endless areas of your life, small little things you can change about your own self, your life, your relationships, workplace, your mindset, that could drive freshness, novelty, excitement, creative thinking for you. But, where's the fun in that?

The fun? Is in us leading you on the path and then, in you exploring the refreshing wilderness that is called life. Go on, explore!

Oh, and do share your discoveries, we're excited to hear them too :)