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A Simple Method To Know Your Gut Feel & Stick With It

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy. – Friedrich Nietzsche

When you’re faced with an uncertainty, an opportunity to grow, a change, or any other situation, it’s normal to not have all the answers. But how do you tell the difference between fears that need to be overcome and intuition trying to tell you something that you may regret later?

This is an important distinction. Intuition tells you everything you need to know. To persevere or to run the other way. In other words, it is about feeling the fear of the unknown, felling the excitement of tomorrow, and listening to your body to know the answer. This only takes seconds and it produces a clear answer. Every. Single. Time.

Here’s how this works. Get yourself to a quiet place. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and let the mind quieten. Now ask yourself the following question and pay attention to your internal bodily reaction.

Does saying yes to this make me feel ‘expanded’ or ‘contracted’?

What do you feel in your body? Are you smiling? Or is your heart sinking? Do you feel your tummy tightening? or Do you feel your arms flexing? What images is your mind throwing up - something beautiful or something dangerous?

Pay attention and you have your answer.

This isn’t about your thoughts. It’s not about what your mind thinks you “should” do. Pay attention to the truth and wisdom in your body.

Direct your attention inward as you answer these questions:

  • Do I feel expansive or contracted when I imagine saying yes to this?

  • Does saying yes make me feel light or heavy?

  • Does this feel joyful and fun, or laborious and painful?If I had $20 million sitting in the bank, would I still do this?

  • When I’m around this person (or organisation or environment), do I feel more confident and capable, or do I feel “lesser”?

  • After I’m around this person, do I feel more energised or drained? Do I feel safe, understood, and respected?

Notice the first thing you feel and blurt it out, even if it surprises you. There’s your intuition, communicates through the body. It’s true. It’s right. It’s not thought and it’s not intellect. It’s wisdom.

Chetan Walia

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