• Chetan Walia

How good is your company's sales presentation?

Is it a 7-out-of-10?

Maybe it's a "10" or just a "2".

There doesn't seem to be any way to answer this question.

Instead, its worth pondering if it does these three things:

grab and hold their full attention for 20 minutes
immediately answer "What's in it for me?"
and makes me want to give you more and more business

In other words, are you really selling or just lucking into deals or booking orders?

There's a huge difference between ‘pitching’, and just "taking orders.”

Pitching is about new revenue on your terms. Order taking is about revenue that comes in begging bowl at their terms.

Which is wrong because the main job of your pitch is to bring in new revenue.

Your pitch has to get prospects who were on the way to doing business with another company, convert them into loving your product instead, and then repeatedly purchase from you.

THAT is Pitch Persuasion.

When you stop confusing Orders vs. Sales, you can start improving your sales methods.

Your pitch should be able to persuade the toughest new customer by doing this:

  • Get and hold the full attention of everyone in the room until they totally love your product and company.

  • Demonstrate you have a solid understanding of the problems your prospects face every day.

  • Quickly answer, "What's in it for me and why should I care?”

Even if you say, “C’mon man, of course my pitch does that!”, well, you won’t believe what you’re still missing out on:

  • How to sequence the various elements of your pitch in the precise manner in which your prospects prefer.

  • How to overcome the fundamental disconnect between you and the buyer (99% of people are way off base here).

Here is an overview of the PitchPlan method and how and what it does in comparison to your current method. It offers you a quick fix -