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How to Deal with Fear

Last week or so, when Anupama wrote on her LinkedIn profile about a very personal experience and how she coped with her fear, we were all witness to that breakthrough journey. We have seen and observed not just her but a lot of people struggle with very valid, deep-seated fears that stem from real life situations.

We’ve seen and observed people operate in the ‘fight’ mode or in the ‘flight’ mode. We’ve seen people get physically paralyzed by fear, we’ve seen them break down and the vast plethora of reactions that comes with it.

More importantly however, we have been grateful for people probing deeper into the subject. What is it that causes fear? Is the fear of a single mother any different from that of a stay-at-home mom? Do the parents of a girl child, fear more than those of a boy child? Does a student fear unemployment more than a senior level professional who has very few options, when his company goes bankrupt?

How can fear be tackled? How can it be managed? How to push beyond it? How to be courageous in the face of fear? Better still, how can we get rid of? Can we even get rid of it?

Some of these questions are so poignant and mainstream. Yet, they are not addressed enough.

Hence, at BeOne, we hve decided to discuss not just fear but many other similar topics. We may not have all the answers, but we promise to take you through an intense journey of addressing your questions and finding the answers that work the best for you!

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