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I Am The World. The World Is Me.

At it’s root, the word ‘individual’ means indivisible that is the ‘whole’ being.

However, we construe individuality in the sense of being unique. We like to separate ourselves as being of the east or the west, and set us still further apart as being of a particular community. It doesn’t end there. We further separate ourselves into smaller clusters of uniqueness such as good, bad, easygoing, perfectionist, intellectual, academic, thinker, feeler and so on.

But now one is not an individual, one is anything but that. We are divided into smaller identities and then we are stamped, shaped and held within that framework. Life in this manner is almost predetermined, fixed and therefore is never free.

Losing the sense of ‘individual’ or the ‘whole’ is rooted in separation or division. This largely is reflected in the conflicts we are privy to in the world today.

Does one consider only one’s own personal life, how to live a quiet, serene, undisturbed life in some corner; or is one concerned with the totality of life? If one is concerned with one’s own particular life, however exceptional or troublesome it may be, then one does not realise that the part is of the whole. Sadly that has been the history of the world.

We, as human beings separated, isolated, have not been able to solve our problems; although highly educated, cunning, self-centred, capable of extraordinary things outwardly, yet inwardly, we are more or less what we have been for thousands of years. We hate, we compete, we destroy each other; which is what is actually going on at the present time.

We don’t see the totality of the individual. We never actually, factually see the totality of life. If one doesn’t see the totality of life then one doesn’t see life.

Psychologically, inwardly, every human being, whoever he is, is the world. The world is represented in oneself and oneself is the world. That is a psychological, absolute fact; though one may have a white skin and another a brown or black skin, be affluent or very poor, yet inwardly, deep down, we are all the same; we suffer loneliness, sorrow, conflict, misery, confusion; we depend on someone to tell us what to do, how to think and what to think.

Once one realises this fact, not verbally, not ideologically or as an escape from fact, but actually, deeply feel the fact, realise the fact, that one is not different from the other - however far away he is - inwardly he suffers greatly and is terribly frightened, uncertain, insecure, then one is not concerned with one's little self, one is concerned with the total human being.

The total undivided human being is the individual. The indivisible being is naturally one with life, one with nature and one with all creation. This is Be One. Be One is the whole being, one who is a representative of world, who is the world.

‘I am the world. The world is me.’ When one can Be One with this statement, not just intellectually but truly, deeply grasp it, then the transformation has already occurred.


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