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Identifying the big picture

Most organizations that are trying to grow, miss on the big picture. What is the big picture? Is it about a mindless race of innovation? Is it about a sustainable growth at 10% every year? Is it about protecting the legacy? Is it about creating one? How is it that organizations, with really good leaders, sometimes miss the obvious?

Well, organizations are driven by culture. When the culture is driven by preservation, the organizations fail to anticipate the future. However, when the culture is driven by imagination alone, even then the organizations miss the big picture. The key is in avoiding conflict about whether to take the evolutionary approach, or a revolutionary approach.

Businesses where the culture is driven by stability, predictability and survival alone, are usually places where new territories are charted out real slow. Transformational growth, blue oceans, new business models, or entirely new products do not get developed at these places. The pace of growth can be really slow.

On the other hand, in companies where revolutionary, ground-breaking innovations are the culture, chances of perishing, chances of false starts, and losses are higher. These are places where legacy, sustainability, and cash flows may always dwindle.

You see, how in either case, there is a clear majority of a certain kind of leadership; and how they both miss some or the other element of the big picture?

The picture that remains is never holistic. There is always a conflict for power. When the growth is fixed, and eventually stagnates. They business operates from the protective dimension. On the other hand, as companies grow in size, even the ones with vision, with anticipation, and imagination, start to stagnate and become protective.

It is only when the two can co-exist, and find a collaborative resolution to a business challenge, or the larger vision, that the business operates in the holistic dimension. That is when the big picture evolves, and that is when creation happens.

So, if you want to see the big picture for your business, see if all your people are aligned, see if your business is in the holistic and collaborative zone, or is it in the protective or distributive zone. Because once you see the big picture, the transformative growth would be a given!