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Is your leadership style relevant?

As we stand of the brink of yet another new year, the realization deepens that the world of leadership is ever-changing, and never before has it changed so, as in the past year. So, the real question is – Is your leadership ready for the new world? Are you aware and mindful of what drives your leadership style?

Do you see the big picture?

Does your leadership team see the big picture? Is the big picture simply to preserve businesses while the economy slowly bounces back? Is the big picture to your business all about innovation and the race? Or is there something else that you see in the picture?

Only businesses who have identified the right problems to solve, will be in the picture, will remain relevant.

What drives you beyond the numbers?

Do you have a purpose? Does your team know it? Is the purpose to simply keep topping the charts? Or are you going to solve a problem? During the last year for instance, did you solve the problem of logistics, of health, of sanitation, of reassuring people that they could avail your services without getting impacted by potential infections?

In the changing world Edutech and Medtech have already become a big thing, but what about the other industries? How are you going to add value to the lives of people, not just your direct customers, but also the end consumer?

Only businesses and business leaders, driven by a purpose remain relevant in the end.

Who do you care for?

There is a new term, servant-leader that seems to be a recent buzzword. This is the type of leadership that people have looked up to. In response to instability, this is the kind of leadership that inspires people.

Servant-leadership is all about people. It is about your front-liners, it is about employees in the business and it is about helping people develop and perform as best as possible, especially when the world seems to be going upside down.

So, if yours was a business that helps people feel safe, productive, engaged, driven; specially when times are tough, then you’ve already cracked this bit!

What are you spending your time on?

Did your people spend time in endless zoom calls, or did they put in the time, energy and effort to reach the targets, whatever they were? Did you and your teams prioritize, plan and execute change?

If you and your team took time to calmly sit, identify new opportunities, adjust your targets and were flexible about your strategy; you’ve most likely already seen the results. If your leadership and team are willing to learn, invite external input, and expand their vision, and stayed on your path with resilience, then you’re prepared.

In short, to remain relevant in a fast-paced, ever-changing world, your business needs to be prepared to change, adapt, be flexible, and yet remain on its path. The only way to do it is to have your people aligned with a larger purpose, a larger problem that your business solves, and a larger picture that you and your leadership team is able to see.

Is your business ready for the new-age yet again?

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