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Making the most of whatever little you have

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

We’re sure all of you will relate with this. There is always that one employee who will complain about the lack of resources, about how something or the other isn’t going right, about what is the reason why goals cannot be accomplished or problems turned around.

And then, there are also the employees who will have a solution for pretty much any problem you pose to them. These people turn around everything, they get stuff done, they deliver results and they surprise everyone by making the most of whatever little is given to them. How do they do it?

Do they have a different mindset when it comes to resource utilization? Or is it just that the rest of us end up coming up with excuses for why we don’t / can’t do certain things?

It is important to understand people’s actions, if we want to understand why or how they become successful. While the mindsets related to growth, abundance, scarcity, redundancy, are all important; more important are the actions related to successful results and excuses.

To understand these actions, be able to discern between them and act according to this newly found understanding is what causes the shift. This shift is what causes one to look and achieve beyond their limitations. However, causing this understanding and shift can also be unsettling initially.

So how does one understand one’s actions? How does one, cause this shift? How does one ensure that this shift is productive and not damaging in other aspects of life?

We have decided to address all these questions in our upcoming seminar series. Check out if you're interested in the seminars here.