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You Need This to Increase Your Sales 3 Times

During our consulting assignments, we often deal with questions related to sales and business development. Our clients ask us multiple questions around how to close sales deals faster, or how to make sure that the deal does get closed. However, fundamentally, the question always boils down to “HOW do we increase sales?”

Here is what we do to coach teams and sales champions in “Pitch Plan”. We teach you how to:

Examine your existing pitch.

What do you say to the buyer within the first minute of your conversation? Is your pitch too long? Or may be too short? Do you end up giving discounts every time you make a presentation? Do you need the client more or does the client need you more? Do you even have a big idea that excites the client?

Learn the science behind pitching successfully.

Examining your current pitch is important because it shows you what clearly isn’t working. However it is equally important to know what DOES work. Get into the buyer’s mind and figure out what causes the actual difference in a presentation.

Create the Big Idea.

Unless you’re able to excite the buyer, you’re basically wasting their time, and yours. In such situations, the buyer has already tuned out of the conversation, mentally. Your concerns over your margins as a sales expert are not enough to get a decision maker excited. As a result, your sales cycle either becomes too long, or simply stops here.

Do you hit the bull’s eye every time?

Do you and your team lose the buyer’s control in longer sales cycles? Are you and your people just playing a game of luck and working on the deals which would have converted anyway? Or do you have a tried and tested model which works every time? Do you know how to communicate impactfully to maintain buyer control through long sales cycle?

In order to get this right, you need to know the 5-steps that the buyer goes through before writing their cheque to you. It is also important to create the exact checklist for each pitch and presentation.

However, everything boils down to ‘HOW?’. All you have to do is to discover the process with the experts in Pitch Plan Methodology and create your own pitch and a breakthrough in your sales.

To know more about Pitch Plan, or to register in our seminars, visit here or write to us at

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