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We’ve curated a collection of resources from our library for you to explore. Use these presentations as a starting point — we hope you’ll use them for whatever challenge you’re working on.

What Is Industry 4.0?

In this presentation, we have summarized the most important information for industry 4.0 from diagrams on the possible structure of a smart factory to recommendations for practical implementation, including possible advantages and disadvantages of the concept.

What Is Big Data?

Big Data is a term to describe technologies which help to collect and analyze big data amounts that cannot be easily processed. The Big Data Presentation includes an extensive overview and definitions on Big Data, guidelines for successful corporate implementations and application examples and infographics.

Blue Ocean Method

The Blue Ocean Method offers tools to become a pioneer of an industry branch. It allows you to expand the market boundaries of your company in order to gain new markets. The approach is simple: you develop new concepts that are unique on the market in order to escape the existing competition (the “red ocean”) and therein make competition become irrelevant (the “blue ocean”).

Design Thinking

Developed by Stanford University, the Design Thinking approach was created to establish a new way to grow innovative products, processes and services. The Design Thinking process consists of six iterative stages which enable participants to seek flexible solutions and innovations concerning the issue they treat.


In addition to the team side of Design Thinking, a flexible and productive environment is crucial to develop inventive ideas and products. 

Strategy And Management Models - Part-1

Visualise and analyze your business ideas with 50 of the best-known strategy and management tools.

Strategy models are essential tools for executives and consultants to convey third-party plans and measures. The presentation consists of models that apply to a wide variety of business areas and tasks. It contains graphs of traditional and modern analysis and business processes.

Strategy And Management Models - Part-2

Another set of established strategy and management models for planning your actions and goals. 

Knowledge Management

The task of knowledge management is to keep as much knowledge within the company, because with implicit knowledge, it is very difficult to pass on and is irretrievable when an employee leaves.

The Knowledge Management presentation helps you to keep important know-how within your company, make information quickly and efficiently accessible for where it is necessary and train your employees through various learning methods.


Crowdfunding involves the acquisition of capital to fund projects and product ideas. The crowd consists of many supporters who are recruited via online crowdfunding platforms. At times, they are motivated to contribute through promised compensation.