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Create Growth Strategies

White Space Business Model


Competitive Advantage Is Dead

On average, an S&P 500 company is now being replaced once every two weeks. 

The churn rate of companies is on the rise still.


Startups have found disruptive forces that have wiped our revenues at giants such as Kodak, Woolworth, Nokia and more. 

Traditional approaches to strategy look to the past to predict the future. They build from the past to the future.

They are facing the wrong way.


We believe that when you take a “future back” approach to setting strategy, you can build new paths to growth that have not yet been imagined. These are the WHITE SPACES


We work with leaders to align on a shared vision for the future: who we will become, where to play, how to win. Specifically, we help organizations to:

  • Understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business

  • Identify high-potential growth opportunities - The White Spaces

  • Identify and pursue game-changing plans to accelerate growth

  • Create outstanding customer value that redefines industries

  • Develop a shared view of future aspirations, and a detailed plan for how to achieve them


We help to create opportunities across businesses and build organisation momentum for success. This includes:

  • Manage resource allocation across a portfolio of core and new growth

  • Prioritize customer-driven opportunities

  • Get stakeholders aligned around a new strategy and build the case for change


We help create focused execution by putting into place the right milestones, targets, and learning programs:

  • Blueprint new business models

  • Understand customer perspective

  • Create and implement performance metrics and other systems to pursue the new and different

  • Develop plans to learn for new business launches

Our approach is highly collaborative, driven by our values and with a focus on having real and lasting impact.

The 3C Model

White Space Business Model


The term white space means an overlooked market, an underserved one. It may be serving a new customer or an existing one in a radically new manner. White Space is creating an entirely new market—or significantly transforming an existing one. 

The chance to capture the white space presents an exponential opportunity. But it’s also an area where assumptions are high and knowledge is low—the opposite of conditions in the company’s core space.

The white space is where companies can go into places while serving new customers in new ways or even serving existing customers in significantly different ways. 

Minimum Viable Transformation System

  • Determining the gap between growth goals and current operations

  • Creating distinct core and new-growth innovation efforts

  • Identifying priority areas to explore that align with what customers need and you can deliver

  • Creating a small, dedicated innovation team and embedding with the team on its first set of projects

  • Ensuring the right mechanisms and leadership are in place to accelerate good ideas


Dual Transformation


Preserve The Core. Exploit The New.


This dual approach allows incumbents to realize the most value from their current assets and advantages, while giving the new initiative the time it needs to grow. 

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